Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Traveling Chair Art Activity

A couple week ago, the kids and I tried out an art lesson from the Getti Museum called "Chairs, Rooms, and Time Travel".  It turned out to be much more than an art lesson as the kids discussed history and geography, used descriptive words, and employed creativity.  Here's what we did...

We started out by looking at paintings of chairs from the Getti Museum's collection.  We looked at them in detail and tried to draw them (which is much harder than it looks).

I invited the kids to use adjectives to describe their chairs.

We then saw a video of a modern art installation which has a chair that museum visitors can sit in.  A screen projects the image of the chair in different time period settings.  The kids created their own "traveling chair" art pieces.  L's chair went to a medieval castle (above), while E's chair went to the moon:

This was a great launching point for a creative writing activity.  Who knew that a unit on something as ordinary as a chair could be so much fun?

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  1. These are nice sketches and drawings. Kids are blessed with such creativity. And the idea was cool too. Nice post.


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